Bring On The Power Plants

All the palmate-leaved ones, the
pinnate, and the pinnatifid, the entire -
Rosy Hawaiian babies, wise Mazatec sages,
and the old Indian rope trick.
Come on, you indoles, you terpenes,
you alkaloids, you medicine plants.
Hello, star-eyed betel juice plants, Amazonian
vine plants, Chihuahuan cacti;
Come, blue-eyed witch plants; come you
dung-loving fun guys...

Come on, O rueful Syrians,
and all you thick-smelling
solanaceous plants;
You cultivated-in-rows tobacco and coca plants;
You maligned poppy plants and worshipped
grapevine plants -
All forgotten plants, and fad plants;
Come forth you motley troop -
not a gentleman among you -
Not one that won't lie, cheat, or swindle
a ride -
Come, all ye ruffians;
Be fruitful, we have need of poison.

by Dale Pendell in Pharmako/Poeia